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Waitress (2007)

Waitress es una película de 2007, una comedia dramática estadounidense escrita y dirigida por Adrienne Shelly, quien también aparece en un rol secundario. La película se estrenó en el Festival de Cine de Sundance y tuvo una entrega limitada en los cines el 2 de mayo de 2007.

Considerada una película pro-vida


Keri Russell es Jenna, una camarera que viven en Estados Unidos, atrapada en un matrimonio infeliz, casada con un celoso, controlador y abusivo hombre llamado Earl (Jeremy Sisto). Ella trabaja en Joe's Pie Diner, donde su trabajo incluye inventar creativos pies con nombres inusuales inspirados en su vida, tales como "Bad Baby pie" (pie del Bebé Malo) que inventó una vez que confirmó que estaba con un embarazo no deseado. Jenna longs to run away from her dismal marriage, and is slowly accumulating money to do so. She pins her hopes for escape on a pie contest in a nearby town, which offers a $25,000 grand prize, but her husband won't let her go. Sus únicas amigas son sus compeñaras de trabajo Becky y Dawn (Cheryl Hines y Adrienne Shelly), y Joe (Andy Griffith), the curmudgeonly owner of the diner and several other local businesses, quien la anima a comenzar una nueva vida en otro lugar.

La vida de Jenna cambia una vez que conoce a su nuevo médico, Jim Pomatter (Nathan Fillion). Él se ha mudado a este pequeño pueblo para acompañar a su esposa, quien se encuentra terminando una residencia en el hospital local, y está ocupando el lugar de la mujer que había sido la médico de Jenna desde su infancia. Ambos se sienten atraidos uno del otro, y durante el curso de varias sesiones pre natales la atracción aumenta. After Dr. Pomatter invites her into the office under a quickly exposed pretext, she impulsively initiates a passionate (and secret) affair.

Prompted by the gift of a baby journal, Jenna begins to keep a diary, ostensibly for her unborn child, with voiceovers giving the viewer access to her thoughts about that future child and her own plans. Between these entries and the thoughts she reveals as she describes the various pies she creates, the audience gets to know her evolving hopes and dreams, concerns and fears, and slowly growing attachment to the baby she at first didn't want.

After giving birth, Jenna bonds immediately with the baby girl she names Lulu. Earl, clearly disappointed it's a girl and witnessing that bonding, reminds Jenna of a promise he had forced her to make earlier not to love the baby more than she does him. That comment, the proverbial straw that broke the camel's back, wipes away any concerns she has about her lack of money and her fear of her dominating husband. With determined frankness she tells him she hasn't loved him in years, will no longer put up with his possessive and abusive ways, and wants a divorce. Later, while Becky and Dawn are helping her prepare to leave the hospital and letting her know that Joe had lapsed into a coma he wasn't expected to survive, Jenna remembers an envelope Joe had brought to her before the birth, when she finds out he had been admitted as a patient in the same hospital. In the envelope she finds a handmade card with a sketch of her, a check for $270,450, and a message of friendship that urges her to start her life anew.

An epilogue depicts Jenna winning that pie contest, and becoming the new owner of the diner where she worked, now called Lulu's Pies, serving brightly colored pies to her customers and friends. The final shot shows her walking home hand-in-hand with the now toddler-aged Lulu (played by Shelly's actual daughter, Sophie).


Keri Russell -- Jenna Hunterson
Nathan Fillion -- Dr. Jim Pomatter
Cheryl Hines -- Becky
Adrienne Shelly -- Dawn
Jeremy Sisto -- Earl Hunterson
Andy Griffith -- Joe
Eddie Jemison -- Ogie
Lew Temple -- Cal

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