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Video oficial de Fr. Stan Fortuna "Everybody Got 2 Suffer"

Everybody Got 2 Suffer es la canción más popular del Padre Stan, sacerdote franciscano. "Todo el mundo tiene que sufrir" es la traducción literal del título, la canción hace referencia a que todas las personas, buenas o malas, ricas o pobres, todos sufren en esta vida.

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Everybody Got 2 Suffer



You think that you the only one that got to suffer ??
¿Crees que tú eres el único que tiene que sufrir?
You think that you the only one with pain to suffer ???
¿Crees que tú eres el único que tiene que sufrir?
Everybody got a thing they gotta suffer.
Todo el mundo el mundo tiene que sufrir
Rich or poor don’t matter gotta suffer.
Rico o pobre no importa tiene que sufrir

Primer verso

Rich man goes to the doctor gonna find out
El hombre rico va al doctor y se enterará
All the rich food he ate gonna make him die of gout
Que toda la comida cara que comió  lo hará morir por la gota
Wife and kids are cryin - sufferin the pain
Esposa e hijos lloran - sufriendo el dolor
Wonderin if they don’t change - gonna die the same
Preguntándose si es que no cambian - morirán igual
Woman’s man is dead and gone - got no mo salary
El esposo de la mujer está muerto, se fue - no tiene más salario
Take her honey’s Van Gogh to the art gallery
Lleva el Van Gogh de su amado a la galería de arte
She gotta try to find some other things that she can sell
 Tendrá que encontrar otras cosas que pueda vender
Now she knows how it feels livin in single parent hell
Ahora sabe lo que se siente vivir en el infierno del padre/madre soltero
What about the woman ten kids in the ghetto-hood
 Y qué pasa con la mujer con diez hijos en el ghetto
The rich woman understands her sister did the best she could
La mujer rica comprende que su hermana hizo lo mejor que pudo
Getting kicked around prostitution smokin crack
Siendo golpeada alrededor de la prostitución y el fumar crack
She had to work the streets makin money lyin on her back
Tiene que trabajar las calles para hacer dinero acostada sobre su espalda
The two are now connected with all that they been through
Ahora ambas están conectadas por todo lo que han vivido
They seen the good that come from sufferin – they changed their point of view
Ven lo bueno que viene del sufrimiento - han cambiado su forma de ver las cosas
It’s gonna come to me and it’s gonna come to you
Me va a pasar a mi y te va a pasar a ti
Everybody’s got some sufferin they gotta go through
Todo el mundo tiene que pasar por algo de sufrimiento


Segundo verso

Some brothers think that they was born only to die
 Algunos hermanos piensan que nacieron solo para morir
Ready to die willin to kill and crucify
 Listos para morir preparados para matar y crucificar
With the make believe fantasy violent life of a thug
 Con la creencia fantasiosa de la vida violenta de un matón
They didn’t realize it was their own grave that they dug
 No se dieron cuenta que fue su propia tumba la que cavaron
With vulgar intelligent rhymes they confuse

On the same cd they wonder if God will excuse
Fascination guns clips and chicks I can’t explain
But I know they all be sufferin -
Can’t deal with the pain
Every move they make is a calculated step
It brings them one step closer to embrace an early death
Lookin back one brother wished he was killed as a baby
They all trapped in a thug storm - it got em goin crazie
Some a y’all got gifts I give props for ya skill
Gotta chill - be still - knock off the thrill to kill
Too much talent - already been wasted
I thank God for y’all - know you’re appreciated


Tercer verso

I don’t think the thug thing is cool I think the thug thing is cold
Check out what happened to the boy in the park he was just eight years old
A thug drug dealer chasin down another thug brother
Ran into the park there was the boy with his mother
For the sake of frontin bluntin presidential Benjamin greed
The kid caught a stray in the face and started to bleed
That Saturday – a tragic day – a boy had to die
What do you say to the mother when she come screamin why
They entertain platinum violence kids get slain its insane
2-pac and Biggie and the boy it’s a constant refrain
Pray to abstain from the lie sustain the truth
We got to come together y’all we loosin mad youth
Pain is a part of life its somethin we all feel
Give your time and your money to the needy keep it real
Sufferin is like a good thief it gives no warnin
Let’s stop playin the game, fa real, God is callin

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